Dubai Court files: Bogus rent deal expose

Also: Divorce revenge; visa con

A jobless Pakistani, HM, allegedly forged two power of attorney certificates for leasing a flat and conned a tenant of Dh20,000, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.
Three men are accused in the case.
The victim says she asked him for lease signed by the owner and was presented with the same, against which she paid the cheque.
After moving to the flat, the victim learnt he was defrauded.
“I called the owner and learnt from him that he does not know anyone called Hares,” testified the victim.
The owner lodged a complaint with the police as he did not give a power of attorney nor did he sign on a lease.
Police arrested HM while Hares is reported missing.
HM told the police that he had agreed with Hares to lease the flat and then to sublet it against commission.
He, however, blamed Hares for providing the forged power of attorney certificates for him to sublet the flat.
The court will give its sentence on September 18.
Divorce revenge
The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance acquitted an Iranian woman from abusing and threatening a compatriot woman with killing her son.
On May 27, 2015, the 36-year-old victim, who is an investor, received on a call from a woman introduced herself as NA.
“The caller asked me about my relationship with someone called Ahmad, whom I found out, was divorced from her.
“I told her that I do not have any relationship with such a man. She abused me with bad words and threatened to kill my son. I blocked her number so that she would not be able to call me,” the woman testified.
The prosecution supplied the court with version of the threats via mobile messages from the mobile number of NA, 30, Iranian housewife.
Work visa con: Dh9,000
After meeting in an internet café a Cameron allegedly conned a Nigerian of Dh9,000 value for a forged work permit, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.
The accused HN, 42, and the victim TD, 35, assistant cook, met in an Internet café at Bu Hail area in December 2015.
During a chat, the Cameron asked for Dh9,000 and the Nigerian agreed and handed him over needed documents for the transaction.
His companion FB, 25, Cameron repeated corroborative testimony saying that the victim asked the accused to return the amount but the later was procrastinating, so he was reported to the police.
The court will give sentence on August 18.


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