Dubai Crown Prince helps female prisoner

Emirati woman freed after all her debt was paid by Sheikh Hamdan

Two days after she appealed for help, prison authorities in Abu Dhabi released an indebted Emirati woman after all her debt was paid by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s Crown Prince and Chairman of the emirate’s Executive Council, a newspaper said on Wednesday.

Nura Saif, 32, said she was very happy to leave Alwatba prison just outside Abu Dhabi after Sheikh Hamdan paid her Dh800,000 debt to banks.

“I am very delighted to be freed so soon and I am really grateful for the instant response of Sheikh Hamdan to my appeal,” she said, quoted by the Dubai-based Arabic language newspaper Emirat Alyoum.

“His gesture illustrates the concern of the UAE leaders for their citizens and their continuous follow up of their issues to end their suffering and tackle their problems,” said Nura, who had spent several months in jail.

Nura, who supports a family of seven after her father’s death, appeared on Emirat Alyoum on Sunday to appeal for help to pay debt to banks so she can be released from prison and reunite with her family.

She was to spend nearly 2.5 years in Alwathba prison after she was sentenced by a local court for failing to pay back debt to banks.

Nura said on Sunday she had to borrow nearly Dh600,000 from several banks to support her brothers and sisters after the death of her father in 1992, adding that her problem got worse after she was sacked from her job.

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