Dubai Police arrest 'reckless' Emirati after dawn car chase

Reckless driver fled police patrols and entered wrong direction at dawn

A reckless Emirati driver with a car equipped with speed boosters and other systems forced Dubai’s traffic patrols into a risky chase at dawn before his vehicle came suddenly to a standstill and pushed him into police hands.

A traffic patrol in a civilian car spotted the young man driving at high speed at dawn on Friday, July 6, and tried to stop him but he refused to stop.

It then chased him and reported his car to other traffic police patrols although he turned his lights off in a bid to conceal his car plate numbers.

The driver managed to elude the police, who were careful not to risk lives during the risky chase through Dubai’s streets before he entered Khawaneej area. He later was seen entering a roundabout in the opposite direction but still refused to stop as he sped towards Emirates Road.

“He continued his reckless driving without any consideration to human lives and property…after a while the car suffered from a technical failure because of the speed booster and came to a standstill,” Dubai’s traffic police chief, Major General Mohammed Al Zafin, told the Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum.

He said the driver gave contradicting statements when he was questioned about his behavior, adding that his car was impounded as he was involved in many offences, including speed, reckless driving, fleeing police, posing a threat to road users, illegal equipment to his car and other violations.

“Despite all these serious offences, his father came to the traffic police on the next day and tried to get the car out…but his request was rejected because any tolerance with these young drivers could lead to a road tragedy.”





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