Dubai Police nab 'The Butcher'; killer confesses zombie films influenced him

The efforts culminated with a positive outcome, with the victim identified as M.S.L, working for a family in Abu Dhabi. Pics: Emaratalyoum

Dubai Police has solved the mystery of a gruesome murder that grabbed headlines nearly four months ago when a municipality worker discovered the headless corpse of a woman in Al Warqa’a.

The ‘Butcher’ was arrested by authorities after a painstaking investigation, thwarted by the lack of identifiers as the killer had cut off his victim’s head and hands and buried it in Ajman, while the remains were found in Dubai.

The killer has been identified as an Asian, who confessed to his crime, saying he was influenced by zombie movies to commit the heinous act.

Dubai Police Commander in Chief of Dubai Police, Khamis Mattar, lauded the efforts of his team facing the ‘unconventional challenge’, since it necessitated a search for a woman of the 9,751 runaway maids to identify the body of the victim.

DNA match

Teams from the department of CID worked for three months to track down the absconding maids and contact their respective sponsors in the UAE to match DNA samples with the body of the deceased.

The efforts culminated with a positive outcome, with the victim identified as M.S.L, working for a family in Abu Dhabi.

Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant to Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, told Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm the accused owed the victim Dh10,000.

When she demanded her money, the killer lured her from her home under the pretense of paying her back and stabbed her to death in Al Mussafah area.

The Butcher went on to hack her body further, burning her hands and head and buried them in one emirate, while dumping the body in Dubai.

When questioned by the police, the killer admitted he had been influenced by zombie films during the execution of the crime.

How the murder unfolded

The Dubai Police Chief said the operations room received a call at 8am last May 27, when a Dubai Municipality uncovered the body of the woman on a street leading to the Dubai Electricity and Water Station branch in Al Warqa’a area.

The initial investigation indicated the crime had been committed elsewhere, and the body had been moved to the area.

Looking at the crime, the authorities were able to determine the killer had previous experience in the way the body was cut; it was later determined the killer was a butcher by profession.

Once the identity of the victim was determined, Dubai Police stated detectives were soon able to identify the killer as J.O.S, a relative who had carried out the gruesome act.

Authorities soon raided his apartment in Abu Hail area, and simultaneously discovered he was a butcher running an illegal business out of his home.

During his confession, the killer admitted on the day of the murder, he went to his cousin’s home with a knife and a machete, covering the passenger seat with a black plastic bag and a coat to ensure the blood doesn’t seep into his seat after killing her.

He asked the victim to renegotiate the payment of debt, but she refused.

The victim climbed into his car to discuss things further, when the killer stabbed her with a knife repeatedly until she died.

Al Mansouri added that the killer was keen to clean the car windshield of the blood and covered her body with a towel and returned to Dubai.

He drove further to a secluded area and cut off her head and hands and placed it in the trunk of his car.

The body was dumped in Dubai.

The killer then drove to a car wash and got rid of all trace evidence and dumped the knife and clothes in Al Nahda.

At about 2am the next morning, he drove to Ajman, to a deserted area and burned the remains and buried them.

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