Dubai taxi-sex couple gets three months jail

Two expats were charged for committing an obscene act in a cab

The verdict in the case of sex in the backseat of a Dubai taxi has been announced this morning by the Dubai Misdemeanor Court headed by Judge Abdul Aziz Al-Saadani.

An Irish (K RL) and British (RB) citizen who were accused of having sex in the taxi, committing an obscene act publicly and consuming alcoholic drinks without a licence have been sentenced to three months of imprisonment each for the first two offences. The two have been fined Dh3,000 each for consuming alcohol without licence.

Their lawyer, Shaker Shammari, is expected to appeal the verdict in court today. The law allows him to file an appeal within 15 days of the verdict being announced.

Earlier, the defendants were spotted waiting outside the court for the verdict to be announced. The duo seemed tensed and nervous.

Their passports are held in custody of the court and they are not allowed to travel outside the UAE while their case is going on in the court.

Having sex  or committing an obscene act publicly is a crime in the laws of the UAE, while consuming alcoholic drinks without a licence invites a fine between Dh1,000-5,0000.


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