Dubai to put traffic offenders’ cars under ‘house arrest’

Traffic police chief says proposal will ease pressure on confiscation area

Dubai’s traffic police chief has proposed that drivers involved in road offences could have their cars impounded at home, to ease pressure on police confiscation areas and avert damage to that vehicle.

Major General Mohammed Al Zafin said offending cars could be kept at their owners’ houses while police seize the plate numbers.

“This will help ease pressure on the traffic police’s confiscation area.

“We can keep the car’s plate numbers and impose heavy fines on any owner who drive the car without its plate numbers,” he told Emarat Al Youm daily.

“This proposal is intended to tackle bottlenecks at confiscation areas and ensure impounded cars will not be damaged during towing or confiscation.

“They will also avert being exposed to the sun for a long period of time.”

The paper did not say where Zafin made the proposal or whether there is a concrete plan by Dubai’s traffic police to implement confiscation at home.

Thousands of vehicles are impounded for involvement in serious road offences in the UAE, which has one of the world’s highest traffic accident rates.

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