Emirati to be executed for murder in Fujairah

An appeals court in Fujairah has confirmed a death sentence against a young Emirati man for murdering an Arab expatriate after the victim’s relatives rejected diya (blood money) and insisted on the killer’s death.

The court also sentenced the unnamed defendant to 80 lashes before execution on charges of having alcohol before stabbing the Arab to death.

The Emirati committed the crime during a scuffle with the Arab man just after a wedding party in the eastern city.

Guests tried to separate them and end the fight, prompting the Emirati to rush to his car and bring a knife, which he used to stab his adversary many times. The Arab died of his injuries while the Emirati fled the scene.

Police later arrested the killer, who tried to commit a suicide inside the prison. But his attempt failed after prison guards intervened and stopped him.

“The appeals court sentenced the defendant to death and ordered his execution by available means after the victim’s father and grandmother refused to accept diya and insisted on his execution,” the Arabic language daily Alittihad said.


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