Emirati woman sentenced to death in Reem Island murder case

American teacher Ibolya Balazi Ryan (left inset), the mother of three was stabbed to death in an Abu Dhabi mall restroom by a niqab-clad woman (right inset). The blood stains are from videos released by the police. (Al Bayan)

The Federal Supreme Court, headed by Judge Falah Al Hajri sentenced an Emirati woman to death on Monday after convicting her of the murder of an American teacher, Al Bayan newspaper reported.

Alaa Bader Al Hashemi, 30, was found guilty of stabbing to death teacher Ibolya Ryan, 47, in a shopping mall toilet, as well as 'creating a handmade bomb' she placed in front of an Egyptian-American doctor's home.

The attacks took place within hours of each other in Abu Dhabi on December 1. Hashemi was arrested less than 48 hours later.

She was accused of deliberately killing the victim Ibolya Ryan, stabbing her with a knife, and then proceeding to attempt to kill the residents of an apartment in the Al Habtoor building on Abu Dhabi Corniche by planting a crude explosive device near the door of the flat, attempting to ignite a detonator fuse aimed at killing the residents, a crime which was not completed as the fuse did not work.

She was also accused of charges of "collecting explosive materials, which is prohibited to be assembled by law, without a license, and established and managed electronically an account on the Internet under a pseudonym with a view to promoting ideas of a terrorist group, publishing through this account information intended to distort the reputation, prestige and stature of the state and undermine its figures, in addition to funding a terrorist organisation knowing that it will be used in terrorist acts, and that she committed those crimes with terrorist intent to cause death, to stir up fear among people, to compromise the prestigious stature of the state and threaten its security and stability."

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