'Fake' etisalat staff takes multiple loans

An Indian sales representative who was caught using forged documents to apply for loans from different banks was sentenced for one year.
The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance found BF, 34, guilty of impersonating an etisalat manager, DB, and using forged documents to swindle a national bank of Dh250,000.

BF has been ordered to be deported after serving his jail term.
Last year, the convict had been sentenced to three years in jail for using DB’s documents and taking about half-a-million dirham loan from another bank.
In the recent case, BF, was found guilty of forging different documents including: salary certificates attributed to etisalat, Indian passport and UAE residency stamp, UAE ID, employee ID card. All of the forged documents carried the identity of DB, who is a manager with etisalat.

He had submitted the forged documents to a national bank and applied for Dh250,000 loan.

The accused BF or ‘DB’ - as per the documents he presented - approached AM, an Egyptian employee, for loan.

Am told him about the required documents.

A couple of days later, ‘DB’ called the bank’s representative and asked him to visit him in etisalat offices in Abu Dhabi.

“I met him in the reception and after checking the original documents including the passport, UAE ID card, etisalat employee card, labour card, bank statement and salary certificate, I took a photocopy of each one. He then signed on the loan application in front of me,” testified AM who proceeded the application with the bank.

After getting approval on the loan, the client refrained from paying the loan installment so the bank complained to the police and submitted the guarantee cheque that the client had signed.

Police found out that the bank applicant had impersonated a manager at etisalat. In the loan application documents, the accused had swapped the first name with the last name of the victim making the name to be DB instead of the actual BD. The accused had done the same in the 2012 in the half-a-million dirham fraud case.

Police showed AM the picture of the swindler and the later recognised him as the person whom he had met in etisalat offices and the one who had signed on the loan application in front of him as being DB.
Etisalat’s manager BD, had been summoned by the police for a swindling related case in July 2012.

“At Al Muraqqabt police station, I learnt that someone had used a forged passport that carried my information but had his picture. The swindler also used other forged documents that carried my name according to which he obtained loans from different banks. That was what police told me,” the manager told investigators.

After some time the manager received a phone call from a national in a northern emirate asking him why he failed to pay loan installment.

“I told the bank manager that I did not take any loan from his bank and have no account with it. However, I told him that I had been informed by the police that someone had taken loans from different banks using forged documents that carried my name,” he testified.

In January 2013, the victim was contacted by Al Rifaa police station in connection with a complaint filed against him by the bank.

“I told the police that I never took a loan from the bank. The signature on the loan application and the guarantee cheque were not mine. Investigations concluded that a person had posed as me and forged documents and swindled the bank.”

Police arrested BF and then was paraded in front of the etisalat manager, however, the manager did not recognise the imposter.

“I have never seen him in my life. I do not know how he got my information,” the manager told investigators.

Police arrested BF in a bank in Port Saeed area. Police confiscated two passports from him.

Police also confiscated copies of forged salary certificates, bank statements and bank cheque books, money transfer receipts, visa cards, 4 gold bars and Dh134,000 cash.

When confronted with the evidence, BF claimed that someone identified as JK, was his accomplice.

He claimed that JK had supplied him with the forged documents and his role was to approach banks and apply for loans using them.

Criminal evidences reported that all the documents used for loan applications were forged.
BF has been sentenced to three years of imprisonment followed by deportment by the Criminal Court of First Instance in February last year. The Court of Appeal upheld the sentence in May of the same year.

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