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Family tragedy... dad, son die; mom critical

Husband, son killed in road crash while mother and three little children suffer serious injuries)

Tragedy struck an Arab family when the father and his 13-year-old son were killed and the mother and three little children were seriously injured in a road crash while on their way for a picnic just outside the capital on Saturday.

Police said the family appeared to have paid the price of not fastening their seat belts as they were all hurled outside the car near Albahya just outside the city.

The 42-year-old father and his 13-year-old son were killed while the 38-year-old mother suffered from fractures in different parts of her body. Her two-year-old son lost his hearing and sight senses after suffering head injuries while her two daughters, aged three and 11 years, sustained serious injuries.

“They were all found outside the vehicle after the crash apparently because they were not using the seat belt,” said Colonel Hamad Nassir al Baloushi, director of the external roads division at the Abu Dhabi police.

Bear toy exposes drugged driver after crash

An Arab man driving from Dubai to Al Ain with his wife and 20-day-old boy suffered from medium injuries while his wife was seriously wounded when their vehicle overturned and crashed off the road after he lost control of the car. Their baby escaped with light bruises.

Passers-by who tried to help the three were surprised that the woman cared for a bear toy more than her own baby when she asked one of them to take the toy away and keep it with him. Despite her injuries, she asked the man to give her his mobile phone number so she will contact him later to get back the toy.

The surmised man became suspicious and instead of giving her his contact number, he waited for the police to come and handed them the toy.
Police suspected the toy had something hidden inside and when they opened it, they found nearly 1,500 Tramadol drug pills.

“They were all taken to hospital and the man said he had Tramadol for person use as per a prescription given to him in his home country,” said Major Ali Rashid, chief officer at the Habab police station.

“The woman knew the toy contained those pills and tried to protect her husband when she asked the passers-by not to give it to the police.”
Quoted by the Dubai-based Al Bayan newspaper, he said the husband suffered from medium injuries while the wife was seriously hurt. The baby escaped with light bruises and were all taken to hospital.

“The husband has been charged with possessing and taking Tramadol while driving, causing that accident,” he said.

RAK gas cylinder blast kills man, injures another

An Asian man was killed and another was injured when several gas cylinders exploded at a farm in Ras Al Khaimah, reports said on Monday.

Police told the Arabic language daily Alittihad the blast occurred at a farm in Masafi area and caused a fire which was put out by the civil defence.

Police said they were investigating the incident to determine the cause of the blast inside a store house in the farm.