Five arrested in Sharjah for assault and robbery

Transit passenger caught with 7 kgs of drugs at Dubai airport

Sharjah Police has arrested a group of five Pakistanis on charges of assault and robbery after they beat up three compatriots and grabbed their money and mobile phones at their house in the emirate’s industrial zone.

The victims filed a complaint to Sharjah Police, stating that they had been subjected to assault and robbery by unknown assailants after they broke into their residence.

Those arrested have confessed to the crime and the case has been referred to Sharjah prosecution.

Transit passenger caught with 7 kgs of drugs at Dubai airport

A 43-year-old Turkish transit passenger, BD, was allegedly caught with 7.133 kgs of cocaine, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Sergeant Adel Ali testified that at around 10.30om on May 3 when he was on duty at Terminal 3 in the transit hall, he was informed by a corporal Nasim Mohammed about a suspected passenger.

The passenger was coming from Brazil on his way to Syria via Dubai. After checking his two luggage bags, they showed abnormal thickness. Searching them, police found 12 pieces been wrapped by plastic and contained cocaine, 6 in each bag.

The court will reconvene on July 4.

Three men kidnap a worker and rob him

Three Pakistanis allegedly kidnapped a pedestrian from Al Quoz, assaulted him and stole Dh2,000 and two mobile phones from and then dropped him in Deira, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MBM, 38, representative, MIW, 34, worker, GYM, 22, jobless, saw FKA 31, Bangladeshi, worker standing in a street in Al Quoz at around 7.30pm on December 6, 2011. They stopped the car near him and asked him to get in the car. As he refused, they pushed him into the car and claimed that they are CID officials.

He asked them for identification card but they did not show him any identification card. One of them sitting in the back seat started beating him.

He also stole Dh2,000 from his wallet and his two mobile phones…they let him go by pushing him out of car in Deira, FKA told the police.

Police investigated the complaint and reached the three accused who all confessed to the crime and admitted forming a gang to rob workers.

The victim recognised all the accused when shown in an identification parade. The court will reconvene on July 8.

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