Four held for possessing 50kgs of heroine

Four Pakistanis were arrested after allegedly possessing more than 50Kgs of heroine, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The accused are identified as JZH, 27, mechanic, ASF, 30, visitor, MHM, 40, painter, AMJ, 22, driver.

Major Khalid Ali testified that police received a tip-off about JZH, who works in the Fruits and Vegetable Market in Al Weer, will receive a large quanitity of drugs and then hand it over to an African.

Police investigated the authenticity of the information and then obtained a permission from the prosecution to arrest the accused.

On April 5, police trapped the accused who was in a car with the other two.

“JZH and another man left the car and stepped towards fruits trucks. The two met the third person in front of a truck and talked to him while walking. They stayed there till a car came. They started unloading orange boxes from a container and loaded them into the pickup.  As they finished, police raided the and arrested them and confiscated 657 plastic sacs that contained 52Kgs of heroine hidden in the orange boxes,” he testified.

Other police officer repeated similar testimonies.

JZH confessed before the police that he knw that the heroin were hidden in the boxes and he had come to receive it and to hand it over to a Nigerian. He confessed that he had received a phone call from a Pakistani woman who told him that he should receive a large quantity of heroin from the Fruits and Vegetable Market in Dubai and to hand the quanity to an African. He also confessed that he had received a call from the African and met him in Sharjah three days before.

The African paid him Dh5,600 for the operation.

On the day of the arrest, JZH received a call from the Pakistani woman who asked him to head to the market and receive the drugs and before that visit a Pakistani cargo company from where he received Dh15,000.
He leased a car and went with the other two men to the market to transport the drugs after paying the fourth accused Dh15,000.

ASF confessed before the police of his full knowledge about the operation and that his share of the operation is Dh1,000 to Dh3,000 and that he agreed to use his private car for the transport of the drugs, according to the records.

AMJ confessed that he got a call from someone called Shakeel and asked him to handover the drugs from the container to the first accused against Dh4.100.

The Court will reconvene on September 3

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