Gardens Flasher: It's not the first time

Increase in police patrols after shocking reports of six-foot tall man

“We are shocked, but have seen it before.”

That is how many residents of the Gardens community in Dubai are reacting to reports of a ‘flasher’ in the community.

Following reports that some residents had seen a man described as six-foot tall flashing his privates, Emirates 24|7 spoke to several residents, some of whom said there have been many incidents before this.

A resident of Building No 20 said he had witnessed a huge man, who looked mentally disturbed playing with himself about six months ago.

“I had come home for lunch. There was some maintenance work going on at home.

“I casually peeped out of the window and saw this man sitting near a bush close to a tree.

“I was shocked to see him playing with himself in the open,” said M Qazi who has been living in the community for almost six years.

“Initially, I thought I should try and videotape it as evidence. But I was worried I would be violating the law by doing so.

“So then I decided to go down and chase the man. As I walked towards him he immediately got up and started walking as if he was going to the gym,” he added.

According to him the man was tall, hefty and looked like a body builder.

Similarly, Sakshi, another resident of the Gardens, said she and her friend were walking along with their kids towards Winchester School when they saw a man sitting near the pavement.

“As we got closer he suddenly flashed us. We just screamed, dragged our kids and ran away,” she said.

“There has been an increase in police patrolling in the area now,” said Qazi.

According to a recent media report a flasher at a parking lot in Gardens confronted women who had just returned from a shopping mall while she was removing groceries from her car.


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