'Gentleman' thief targets Abu Dhabi govt dept

The suspect was deported from the country twice before

He is one determined man who returns to the country on a mission. Only that his means of seeking a livelihood is targeting unsuspecting residents who visit government departments!

A 34-year-old Bangladeshi, who was deported from the UAE in 1999, after serving term on theft charges sneaked into the country to be caught yet again in another crime in 2007.
Recently, Abu Dhabi Police nabbed him from the reception area of a government department as he loitered around holding a file appearing to be present there on business.
Brigadier Maktoum Sharifi, Director, Metropolitan Police, said the suspect closely monitored people who frequented government departments and stole their wallets and valuables when they got busy with their transactions.
This time, he entered the country through one of the Northern Emirates, he admitted to cops.
Brig Sharifi said they received nine complaints from visitors to a particular government department, who claimed to have lost cash while they were busy processing documents.
Noticing a similarity in the nature of the crime, cops were on alert at the premises, when they noticed the suspect in a Pakistani national dress holding a file. He appeared to be there on business. However, on close monitoring he was seen walking around aimlessly, studying people.
He was arrested and has confessed to looting people who frequented government departments. He explained to cops how he arrived at the reception hall in the mornings and waited to make his move when they got busy.
Police have urged people to take care of their belongings in public places.


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