Girl dies snorting cocaine at UAE farm

A girl died after sniffing cocaine at a private party held by five Emirati drug addicts after one of them bought a farm just outside the city.

The girl, who apparently never had drugs, was brought by her elder sister to the party at the house of the farm owner.

While she was checking a mobile phone at the party, she found white powder on the table and tried to imitate her sister and the five men by sniffing some of it.

The amount sniffed was so large that she fell unconscious instantly, prompting the farm owner to call an ambulance.

“The girl died on her way to hospital. Police investigating the case discovered that all of them were intoxicated and seized some drugs at the house,” 'Al Bayan' daily said.

It said the incident took place during the Eid holiday last month and the court hearing the case would issue a sentence on Sept 30.

The paper did not identify the victim or specify her age.

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