Guard rapes maid under pretext of finding better job for her

An Ethiopian guard conned a maid by claiming to find her a better job and raped her in his room in a hotel, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MHD, 26, is also accused of consuming alcohol.

The 29-year-old victim, SSM, Ethiopian, testified that she went with her friend to a restaurant that offers Ethiopian food.

“While we’re in the restaurant a man approached us and started talking to us. He offered to find me a better job so we exchanged telephone numbers. One day I called him as I did not get any call from him regarding the job. I enquired about the job… He asked me to meet in a hotel on the same night to hand him over my documents,” the victim testified.

The accused took the papers and disappeared for about five minutes pretending talking to her prospective employer. He returned and said to her that the employer agreed to offer her a job.

He offered her to have dinner… she accepted the offer and went to a nearby restaurant.

“We had our dinner in a restaurant. On our way back, there was a wedding party in one of the hotels. We entered and sat on a table. He offered me drink… which I did not know what it was… I never have had alcohol… After consuming alcohol I got dizzy… We left the place and we were walking in the street… that is all I remember,” she told the court.

One the next day morning, she woke up and found herself naked in the bed next to the accused.

“He told me that he had sex with me and requested for another intercourse. I refused… put on my cloths and left the place. I went back to my employer’s house in Sharjah… told my friend who advised me to inform the police,” she testified.

Forensic reported sperms of the accused in the victim’s body. Chief Prosecutor, Khalid Salem, asked the court to implement stiffest penalty against the accused.

The court will reconvene on June 4.


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