'Heart-broken' lover raped ex-fiancée in Dubai at knifepoint

Sentenced to 15 years in jail

A jilted lover’s attempts to avenge his ex-fiancée has left him cooling his heels in Dubai jail.

The unemployed Emirati man, desperate at having failed to win over the woman he loved waited for an opportune time and followed her to the adult education school in Al Hamriyah, where she attended evening classes.

The moment she got out of the car, he confronted her. At first he tried speaking to her but when she spurned him yet again, he dragged her into his car at knifepoint. But once, he started driving away he assured her that he was taking her to meet his parents. And that they would discuss the matter.

However, the 29-year-old woman was astonished when he pulled in at a hotel and forced her into a room and switched off the lights.

While she tried reasoning things out with him, the 24-year-old threw her on the bed and raped her.

Dubai Criminal Court sentenced him to 15 years in jail on Monday.    


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