High School grad grabs HR manager's post, swindles Dh2.5m

A Briton forged his degree certificates to get a job as human resources manager and allegedly embezzeled Dh2.5million from the company, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday.

MBS, 45, is accused of swindling Dh2,124,740 from Limitless where he worked as HR manager.

The Prosecution accused MBS of stealing Dh298,388 - three months salary of a fake employee (identified as FM) in 2008, whom he claimed to have appointed in Limitless office in Russia.

MBS is accused of forging payment orders to the bogus employee in Russia and pocketing the amount.
MBS is also accused of submitting forged Bachelor's degree certificates in Physics issued by University of London – Kings College and a Master's in Business Management issued by University of Warwick according to which he got a Human Resource Manager's post in Limitless.

The accused confessed before the Prosecution that he worked for Limitless from January 2007 until June 2008 as a Human Resources Manager against forged academic certificates he had bought from a Briton and added that he holds only a high school certificate.

Imad Benhroka, 34, Head of Strategy Department, Moroccan, testified that he suspected the appointment of FM, holder of American passport, based in Cyprus, against Dh125,000 monthly salary as his CV was in the accused's handwriting.

"Confronting him with that the accused claimed that FM would work in Russia. Further investigations revealed that FM does not exist and that his passport was forged. The money transferred in his name was actually going to Sabford Lee - a company owned by the accused.

"We found that transactions between Limitless and the Stanford Lee valued more than Dh2.1m which forms 24 per cent of 12 employees’ annual salaries via the company’s account with FBME in Cyprus. It is the same bank to which salaries of FM had been transferred to,” he testified.

Other employees of Limitless repeated the same testimony.One of the 12 employees, CD, 54, Australian, denied knowing Stanford Lee or seeking job through it or any other employment company. “I have submitted my CV directly to the HR manager and was interviewed by him and the company’s CEO Saeed Ahmad.”

The accused was issued an arrest warrant in 1999 by British authorities for swindling allegations.

The court adjourned the case to April 1.

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