Husband comes home to find wife in arms of lover in his bedroom

Also: Brothers kill sister to honour family reputation... and more

Like a dramatic scene straight out of a movie, an Egyptian wife awaited her husband’s travel to Luxor to run into the arms of her lover, reported Ahram newspaper.

Unfortunately, for the wife – her husband’s flight was cancelled and he returned home only to see his wife naked with her lover.

An astounded husband locked up the couple in the bedroom and called his neighbours who inturn informed the police.

The cops took the couple into custody.

Filipina saved from rape by 3 men

A Syrian man was seriously injured and two friends suffered light wounds when they intervened to save a Filipina girl from two knife-wielding Kuwaiti kidnappers in the oil-rich Gulf emirate, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

The three Syrians were taking a walk near the seaside when they heard the girl screaming, the Arabic language daily Alanba said.

“They saw two Kuwaiti men were trying to abduct her…they intervened and a fight erupted…the two Kuwaitis used knifes in the scuffle, inflicting serious injuries to one Syrian and light wounds to the other two,” the paper said, adding that both attackers were arrested.

Brothers kill sister to honour family reputation

In a case of honour killing, three Egyptian brothers strangled their sister to death and threw her body from the third floor, reported Al Wafd daily.

The trio found out that their sister was in a relationship with a young man and they decided to kill her.

After the murder, the brothers went to the police station asking for permission to bury their sister telling cops that she had committed suicide.

However, when police sent the body for forensic examinations it was revealed that the girl was first strangled and then thrown from a height. The body had several bruise marks.

Upon arrest the three brothers confessed to the crime, saying that their sister was spoiling their family’s reputation.

Maid jailed for life for killing own baby

An Abu Dhabi criminal court sentenced an Asian housemaid to life in prison after she was convicted of murdering her baby just after he was born.

The maid had denied the crime but forensic examination showed the maid strangled the infant by a piece of her underwear, wrapped him in a plastic bag and concealed the body inside her wardrobe.

Police discovered the crime after the maid went to hospital to have treatment for bleeding. Doctors said she had been in labour and could have given birth.

She told police she had dumped the baby in the garbage bin but her employer found the body inside her wardrobe.

 Man held for raping European girl

Dubai Police arrested an Arab visitor accused of raping a European girl after beating her up at his apartment in the emirate.

The girl told the prosecutor that the 25-year-old man, identified as MHM, offered her to come to his apartment after spending some time together at a night club.

At the flat, she saw his friends playing cards but they left when the couple got in. She said the defendant took advantage of being together in the apartment and raped her after beating her up.The prosecutor was told the girl was disabled for nearly 20 days because of the beating and that the defendant apologised to the girl after raping her.

Man killed by truck tyre blast

A Pakistani mechanic was killed after a truck tyre he was repairing exploded in his face at his workshop in Saudi Arabia, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

After he finished blocking a hole in the punctured tyre, the mechanic began pumping air into it, Sabq Arabic language daily said.

“He was pumping air into the tyre when it exploded in his face…the man died of serious injuries in the head at his workshop,” the paper said in a report from the western Saudi town of Taif.

Man found hanging by fan at home

Saudi police broke into an apartment after receiving a report about a strong stench and found a Pakistani man hanging by the ceiling fan at his home.

Police had banged the door many times but there was no answer. Neighbors said they suspect the 27-year-old tenant was dead inside.

“They broke the door and entered the apartment, where the Pakistani man was hanging by the ceiling fan,” Ajel daily said in a report from the northern town of Hail, adding that his body was taken to the coroner for examination.
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