Husband enjoys watching as wife is raped

Wife asks for death penalty after husband helped friend to rape her

An Arab man in Ajman returned home from a booze night, jolted his wife out of bed and let his friend rape her for two hours while he sat smoking and enjoying the scene. The husband was jailed for life but his wife is pleading for his death.

The unnamed woman was in her bed with her 12-year-old daughter from a former husband when the present husband returned late night and shoved her out of the room while ordering the girl to stay in bed.

In the sitting room, the woman came face to face with another man, who was also drunk and who stared lustily at her light night gown.

“I tried to back off but he jumped on me…I tried to run away and clutched to my husband but he pushed me away and said ‘I have invited my friend for you,” the woman, with tears in her eyes, told court in Ajman.

“It was a horrible nightmare…I collapsed on the floor and the man was on me while my husband sat on the chair smoking and enjoying the scene with a big smile on his face…I begged him and asked him how he can accept this as I am your wife, your dignity and your honour…but he kept smiling.”

According to Albayan newspaper, the woman told the judge that “every minute she wishes to die after what happened to her.”

“When the lawyer for the husband and his friend heard the woman’s plea, he just stood up and told the judge he was pulling out of the case,” the paper said.

“The judge then ordered the two lashed 80 times for drinking alcohol and sentenced them to life in jail…but the woman screamed and insisted on death punishment, saying life imprisonment is not enough.”

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