Illegal resident annoyed police with false information

A deported Bangladeshi who re-entered the country illegally was arrested after he annoyed the police by informing them about bogus murders and assaults, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On May 2, 2011, Dubai Police’s Operation Room received a number of calls from a certain mobile phone about murders, assaults and thefts.

The holder of the number told the police that the mobile phone number is being used by compatriot ATA.

On Mary 10, police arrested ATA, 26, jobless, who presented photocopy of a passport with the name of Anwar Hussain. The photocopy carried a valid residence visa in the passport holder’s name but with the picture of the accused.

ATA confessed that he had re-entered the country by using the passport with a forged residence visa and that he had earlier been deported and banned.  He also confessed to running prostitution dens.

The prosecution accused him of forging and using forged photocopy of a residence visa.

Criminal Evidences reported that the recorded voice of the caller matched with that of the accused.

The court adjourned the case for verdict until July 5.

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