'Illegal' women found in men massage centres

The Criminal Investigation Department of Sharjah arrested more than a dozen men and women who were running prostitution centres in the guise of massage centres.

Ten Thais – including one homosexual – and two Bangladeshis were arrested from two different massage centres after Sharjah Police were tipped off about the massage centres misusing their licence by engaging in illegal and immoral practices.

In the first case, the centre was licensed to offer massage to men but it had hired girls to offer sex to men coming for massage.

After ensuring that the information is correct, police raided the centre and arrested eight people – six Thai and two Bangladeshi nationals. Three Thai women were also arrested at the massage centre, offering sex to men for Dh150 per hour. Police also arrested the homosexual for engaging in immoral activity for Dh100 with the Bangladeshi nationals at the centre.

The women, police said, were working illegally in the massage centre because they had entered the country on a visit visa issued by a hotel. A Bangladeshi national arrested during the raid turned out to be a fugitive.

In the second raid, police arrested four girls who were working as prostitutes in the men’s massage centre for Dh150 per hour. All of them have been referred to the public prosecution in Sharjah.

Sharjah Police urged public to report any immoral and illegal activities in their areas because they’re dangers to the society.


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