iPhones, iPad craze jails Dubai 'shoppers'

Three men get jail terms for using fake US dollar notes to buy electronic items from Dubai shops

A man’s weakness for hi-tech gadgets led him to police custody. A jobless Iranian has been sentenced to jail for using fake US dollar notes to buy electronic items from shops in Dubai Mall and Festival City.

He led cops to others in his gang. The Dubai Court of First Instance awarded three men to six months in jail for possessing fake $2,000(Dh7,346) one of who was traced via the police CCTVs.
The suspects RGA, 28; MRA, 35; both Pakistani drivers and a jobless Iranian AAT, 33, will be deported after serving their jail terms.
MIM, 27, Pakistani partner won acquittal of the charges.
AAT is also accused of buying electronic items from a shop in Dubai Mall buy using fake notes. He also confessed to using fake notes to buy goods from Festival City.
Police confiscated 2iPhones; 2iPods and an iPad from him.
Corporal Shehab Ahmad, testified that on January 29, police received a complaint about fake US notes been used in buying electronics from a shop in Dubai Mall.
The saleswoman of the shop checked the notes with a money exchange in the mall and found out that they were fake after the buyer left the shop.
Investigating the complaint, police followed the number plate of the car the suspect drove
On the following day, the car which was driven by AAT stopped near Al Masa Cinema on Sheikh Zayed road. When confronted he confessed to the accusation of using fake US notes.
He also confessed of using $2,000 for buying electronics from a shop in the Festival City.
Asking him about the source of the fake notes, AAT claimed that he had lent someone called MIM Dh70,000 and when he asked him to pay them back to him, the latter paid him US$10,000.
“I found out that the US$10,000 were forged after checking UD$100 note with an exchange shop.
I called RGA and MRA who handed me the money and told them that they are forged. We agreed to meet as they wanted to talk to me. During the meeting, they asked me to buy electronics using the forged notes and then these items shall be sold and I agreed," testified AAT.
Police trapped the other two and arrested them and they confirmed the story of the first accused and confessed to knowing that the notes were forged. Police later arrested MIM, according to the records.

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