Jail for attempted rape after night club binge

Man tried to have forcible sex with a woman he met at a night club

A Syrian businessman who tried to have forcible sex with a woman he took to his house with other friends after consuming alcohol in a night club, was sentenced to two years in prison, followed by deportation, by the Dubai Criminal Court.

TMA, 32, who was also found guilty of assaulting the victim and resisting arrest by assaulting and abusing policemen, was ordered to pay Dh10,000 as fine for the first charge and Dh2,000 for the second charge.

The victim, NO, 32, saleswoman, testified that she met the accused in the night club of a hotel. The accused then accompanied her with another couple to his house.

“We continued drinking and after about 10 minutes my friend and her boyfriend left. I also said I want to leave but the accused refused and told me he wanted to be my boyfriend and have sex with me.

“I asked him about my mobile phone which I did not find with me. He pushed me to the sofa, sat on me and tried to pull down my trousers. I resisted him and kicked him several times. He punched me several times in my face and my eye was badly hurt.

“It seems that when he saw my injuries, he fell on the floor and pretended to have fainted. I told him I will inform the police whatever he does. He got up, kicked me out of his house and threw my shoes. I knocked at the door but he did not open. But when I knocked on the neighbour’s door, he opened the door and fled. I waited in his house until police arrived,” she testified.

Her compatriot friend JZ, 23, repeated the same testimony, saying that she left the flat with her boyfriend after about 10 minutes. “We waited for NO to come down as she had said she wanted to leave. But we left when we did not see her for some time,” she testified.

Policeman Mohammed Yousef testified that the accused resisted and abused a police officer while they were transferring him from the investigation section to detention at Al Rashidiya police station. Other police officers repeated the same testimony.

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