Jobless man stabs friend over sexual abuse

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A jobless Pakistani allegedly killed a compatriot with a knife, claiming he had been sexually abused by the victim, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The Dubai Prosecution filed premeditated murder accusation against NKN, 22, jobless. KKY, 23, was accused of hiding a murderer.

MKS, 20, Pakistani, driver, testified that at around 10.30pm on January 19, he received a call from the victim SKG, telling him that he has been stabbed by NKN in his belly twice and that the accused had locked the door of the room from outside.

“I rushed to his accommodation which is five minutes away from mine. I opened the door and found the victim holding his belly and hardly able to say that his stabber was NKN. I called the police and he was rushed to the hospital. In the room near the door, a broken knife was lying on the ground. On the next day the victim died. He was a religious person and I don’t believe that he sexually assaulted the accused,” he testified.

Second Lieutenant Hazza Hassan testified that he checked the scene of the crime. “The victim was rushed in an ambulance. In the room I saw a basket filled with cut vegetables. The rest of the room was organsied and there were no sign of a fight. I did not see the knife used in the crime,” he testified.

Questioning the victim on the next day in the hospital, he said the accused was cutting vegetables and a fight broke between them. The accused stabbed him with the knife that was in his hand. Questioning the victim, he admitted to having fights with the accused.

He had been advising the accused not to work in the company as he is an absconder and the last time was a day before the crime. On the day of the crime the two had a fight and all of a sudden the accused had stabbed him. The victim’s condition did not allow him to talk in detail about those fights, the officer testified.

The victim’s brother testified that he learnt about the crime from MKS. “While my brother was in hospital, he told me that NKN had stabbed him after a warning about work that he gave him and specifically about the use of a sprinkling tube.

"The accused was upset with my brother who did not allow more people to share the room with them. My brother told me that on the day of the crime, my brother was lying in the floor because of stomach pain and the accused asked him to show him where the pain was. When he uncovered his belly, the accused stabbed him twice,” he testified.

The victim’s brother also denied the sexual abuse claim made by the accused against his brother. “My brother used to lead people in prayers and preach the Holy Quran among people. People knows how honest, religious and a good person he was,” he testified.

First Lieutenant Taleb Mohammed testified that investigation team learnt that KKY is hiding the accused in his accommodation in Al Ruwais in Abu Dhabi and that he is coming to Dubai to pick up things belonging to the accused.

“When KKY was arrested, he confessed to hiding the accused in his cousin’s accommodation in Al Rusais. He denied knowing about the crime from the very beginning and said that he  had learnt about it only when he was asked by him to bring him his stuff from Dubai.

"The murderer was also arrested and he confessed to stabbing the victim. He claimed that he stabbed the victim in self-defence when he started sodomising him,” he testified.

Forensic reported that the cause of the death was one of the two stabs the victim sustained one in the right side of his belly and the other was on the left side.

The right side stab was deep and reached the cavity causing internal bleeding that led to his death. Forensic also reported that the accused had been sodomised repeatedly. There was also a wound in his hand that could be defensive.

Seargent Jasim Ismaeel testified that the accused claimed that the victim asked him for sodomy but when he refused he offered him money to allow him to do that, and pulled his wallet to seduce him to have sex but the accused refused.  The victim then brought a knife to force him to have sex.

The accused claimed that when he saw another knife he grabbed it and stabbed the victim then ran away to the accommodation of a friend, then to Sharjah and then called KKY to stay with him.

The accused claimed that he did not tell initially KKY about the crime he committed, but told him later. He also denied being sodomised at any time in his life.
AWM, 42, Pakistani driver testified that he stays in the same accommodation with his two friends, the victim and the accused.

“The victim is very religious and he used to lead us in the prayers and read the Holy Quran and preach religion. I know about one knife in the room which has an adjacent kitchen. I do not know if there is another one,” he testified.

KRM, 24, Pakistani worker who stays in Sharjah, testified that the accused was his friend since a long time. “He came to my accommodation on Friday at around 10pm and I did not notice anything abnormal. I shook hands with him and there was no wound in his hand. He told me that he has just returned from leave.

"He stayed for 15 minutes and left. He told me that he will have lunch with me on the next day. He came and we went for prayer and left me after that,” he testified.

MIM, 32, Pakistani worker who was sought by the accused immediately after the crime, said that he did not notice any wound on the accused’s hand or blood on his dress.

The court will reconvene on September 2.

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