Jobseeker called for interview; held alone...

Victim alleges accused called her on the pretext of a job interview and misbehaved with her

A jobseeker was allegedly molested by the accountant of the company where she had applied for a job.
The Filipina victim, MRA, 24, testified in Dubai Criminal Court, that 33-year-old Pakistani accountant, SBK, called her on October 31 last year saying she had an appointment for a job interview.
“At around 3.30pm when I went to the company, only the accused was there. He asked me to enter his office while my relative who was with me was asked to stay at the reception. I was alone with him in the room. First he asked me some questions related to work and then started talking about Dubai and how it is different to that of my country.

He then slowly held my hand and started making inappropriate gestures.
"At this point I told him that I needed to leave. As I was stepping out he held me. When I shouted, my relative who was standing at the reception also saw him. We immediately reported to the police,” she testified.
Her relative, HJA, repeated the same testimony.
The court will issue its verdict on January 14.


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