Late night beach fight over Brit girl: Three fined Dh2,000 each

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance on Sunday fined three men to pay Dh2,000 each for assaulting a man over a British girl during a party at The Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah Hotel.

According to the records, three men ON 23, and OM, 23, Syrian students, and MS, 28, Egyptian photographer, attacked AK, 31, Syrian, in a party at the Atlantis and caused him three per cent permanent disability after they saw him talking to a British woman.

AK is also accused of assaulting ON and OM.

AK told investigators that on November 9, 2012, he attended a party at the Atlantis hotel beach.

“At around 2am, I saw a British girl and went to greet her; ON and OM came to me and asked me to leave and pushed me. When I refused to leave, the two along with MS assaulted me until the security guard came and took them away. However, they had injured my left eye,” the victim AK told investigators.

The victim was rushed to the hospital and forensic reported that he had sustained 3 per cent permanent disability.

Forensic reported that ON and OM had also sustained minor injuries. However, the court acquitted AK from mistakenly assaulting ON and OM.


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