Lender seeks return of money, gets stabbed

A Bangladeshi worker allegedly stabbed his roommate eight times in his belly and back while asleep as the victim was asked him to return the Dh2,000 that he had lent him, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On August 29, the victim MO, 29, Bangladeshi tailor, was sleeping in his room in a traditional style house in Al Nakheel area which he shared with his compatriot MM, 27, worker.

At around 8am, the victim woke up as his roommate stabbed him several times in his belly and arm. When he turned back to defend himself, he received other four stabs.

“I shouted and screamed for help and other residents of the house heard me before I fell on the floor,” said the victim.

“MM stabbed me as I had asked him to return Dh2,000 which I had lent him,” he testified.

A resident in the house, ML, 27, typist, rushed to the victim’s room and saw him bleeding severely from different areas of his body.

“The accused was sitting quietly on the bed opposite to the victim’s. Police was rushed to the scene and the accused quietly handed himself over to them,” testified ML.

Another housemate repeated corroborative testimony, saying that the accused did not say a single word while they were taking care of the victim, noting that it seems that he did not sleep at all that night.

A policeman testified that when the victim pointed his finger at his stabber, the latter smiled, handed himself over and guided the police to the knife he had used to commit the crime.

The victim was rushed to hospital and his life was saved though the stabs were deep enough to cause his death.

The accused admitted that he had bought the knife from a nearby grocery and hid it under his pillow. He stabbed the victim several times, wanting to kill him.

However, the accused denied the charge of premeditated murder and told the jury that he had only injured the victim.

The court will reconvene on February 22.