Maid adds underwear, hair to sponsor's meal

Did this as magic to make Emirati employer like her more

An Indonesian housemaid in Kalba was sentenced to one year in jail and ordered deported after she was caught mixing her Emirati employer’s meals and beverage with pieces of her underwear and hair, thinking this would make the employing family like her more and stick to her.

The maid was arrested with three accomplices after her employer told police that he had discovered she was mixing his family’s meals, tea and coffee with her hair and pieces of boiled underwear almost daily.

Maid who robbed on her 1st day gets 6-month jail

He said she was offering them coffee and tea at least five times a day until he discovered that there was something wrong with the beverage.

“He found that she used to cut small pieces of her hair and mix them with small pieces of her underwear…she then boiled them and mixed their food, tea and coffee with the boiled stuff,” Alitihad daily said.

“The man said that the maid told him she was doing this as a magic work intended to make him like her more and stick to her.”

The paper said Kalba court also fined three other Asian housemaids Dh1,000 each for covering up the maid’s actions.

Housemaid caught on camera mixing urine with family food

A Saudi man suspecting the behavior of his Ethiopian housemaid decided to install secret cameras in the kitchen. When he later checked the film, he got the shock of his life when he saw the maid urinating in the cooking dish.

The Saudi Arabic language daily Sharq published the one-minute video showing the maid taking her pants off, placing the cooking pan under her and pissing into it. She then lifted the dish and started to prepare the meal for her employers.

“We apologize for publishing this indecent film but we did so to warn families against any improper behavior by their maids,” the paper said without mentioning where that family lives in Saudi Arabia.

Emirati woman says her maid is actually a 'man'

An Emirati woman who hired a Filipina housemaid through a recruitment office was shocked to discover that the maid is a man nearly a month later. But the hiring office maintained that the maid is a woman.

Umm Mirna said she had suspected the maid’s behavior since she started working for her family in Abu Dhabi as she was hugging all females at the house and getting exhausted easily when she did massaging for the girls.

“She was hugging all females without reason especially as there are no men in the house….I noticed she was getting easily tired and exhausted when she massaged girls in the house,” she said, quoted by Emarat Al Youm daily.

“I then decided to search her bag and to my surprise, I found that all her belongings, including underwear, are used by men….I was then sure that the maid is man not a woman.”

Umm Mirna said she took the maid to the hiring office and told them about her discovery. She said a female employee was asked to take the maid into a room and check her and that the employee claimed the maid is a woman.

She said the office manager, upon her insistence, replaced that maid with another, adding that she discovered that the new maid is a thief.

She then decided to return the new maid and retrieve her funds but said the office paid her Dh5,000 after deducting Dh4,000 to pay fees for the maid’s overstay, adding that the office also deducted other fees.

Emarat Alyoum quoted the office manager as saying Umm Mirna’s claims were not true on the grounds the maid had undergone tests before she was allowed into the UAE and that there was no reference to her as male.

He said the maid’s passport also showed she is a woman but noted that Umm Mirna might have suspected the maid is a man following a printing error by the office, which ticked “male” instead of “female” in the official document.

“Perhaps Umm Mirna did not want to pay wages for two maids so she made these claims…the maid has been deported any way,” he said.

In comments sent to Emirat Alyoum, one reader said the maid could be a “tomboy”, a widespread type in the Philippines.

“She is actually a woman but with manly behavior and she usually marries another woman,” said one reader, identified as Mohammed.

Another one said:” What I know is that many Filipino men look as women not vice versa…besides, is this one a maid or a massager,” said Reema.

Housemaid strangles her newborn baby; gets 5 years

An Ethiopian housemaid who got pregnant after an affair with a male compatriot waited till she was in labour and delivered herself before strangling her infant. She was sentenced to five years in prison by a Ras Al Khaimah court.

The unidentified maid had told court she did not mean to kill her baby but only tried to stop him from crying by blocking his mouth with her hand so her employers would not know about her delivery. She said she was also afraid of having an abortion after her Ethiopian boyfriend disappeared.

The maid’s employer discovered the murder and reported her to the police, who found the dead infant in her bedroom after she blocked his breath.

“The maid said she did not mean to kill her baby and only wanted to prevent him from crying so her employers would not know about the baby,” the semi official Arabic language daily Alittihad said, adding that the court also ordered the maid’s deportation from the UAE after serving her prison term



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