Mall security guard filming women’s upskirts

A security guard at a shopping mall in Dubai allegedly made videos of private parts of women visiting the shopping mall.

The 32-year-old security officer JMM, Indian, has been accused of making videos and taking photos of private parts of the mall’s female visitors through his mobile phone, the Dubai Criminal Court was told on Sunday.

The guard is also accused of making video of private parts of LS, 29, Russian investor, at the shopping mall.

LS testified that she went to a garment shop in the mall at around 7pm and noticed an Indian walking behind her.

“I did not give him any attention and a little while later a woman approached me and told me that the same man had he put his mobile under my skirt. I complained to another security guard who caught him and checked his mobile which showed a number of recordings, including mine, of women’s private parts” she testified.

The accused admitted to the charges. The court will announce its verdict on December 30.

Image from shutterstock

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