Man caught on camera groping woman in hotel

An Indian welder allegedly groped a woman when she was at the reception of a hotel, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday.

On March 10, at around 5.30pm, HS, British, was talking to a receptionist at the hotel when the accused, AR, passed by her and groped her.

She turned back and pushed him away. After arguing with her for some time, the accused apologised to her for what he did.

Since the woman insisted on calling the police, the hotel staff called police for inquiry and review of the camera footage.

“The camera recording showed the accused was walking behind the woman, who was standing at the reception. Then he stopped behind her before she turned to him, pushed him away and argued with him. Then the employee at the reception talked to the woman,” testified Police Officer Abdullah Saeed.

AR admitted to touching the woman but claimed that it was accidental and not intentional and he had apologised to the woman. The victim testified that she could smell alcohol from the molester, who admitted to consuming alcohol.

The court will reconvene on August 7.