Man robs friend's former wife in street

An Omani, with help from a fugitive, robbed his friend’s former wife when she was going with her father-in-law to pay a flat’s rent.

On May 24, 2012, at around 5pm, AB, 26, administrator, decided with her ex-husband’s father to go and pay the rent of Dh8,000 and to cancel the contract.

“While we were on the walkway towards the building management office, two men came towards us and one of them pulled a tool in my face, asking me to hand over my handbag,” said the victim.

The woman gave her handbag. The attacker, opened the bag, took the money, and threw the bag down on the ground.

Her father-in-law told her that the attacker was her former husband’s friend, so they lodged a complaint with the police.

Police searched for the attacker YH, 31, and found him in custody with Sharjah police.

On questioning him, YH admitted to the crime and said that he gave the other man Dh500 and used the remaining amount to pay his flat’s rent.

After he finished his sentence there, he was referred to Dubai to be prosecuted for this crime.

The court will reconvene on March 28.