Man slashes woman's throat then goes to pray

An Asian man claiming a European woman stole his money broke into her apartment and slashed her throat before heading for the mosque to pray. The man was who seized later was sentenced to death in Dubai on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old man, identified only as AKB, told police he decided to murder the woman after she stole Dh6,000 from him while having sex for Dh100.

Police nabbed the killer after he made the mistake of his life by leaving the knife he used in the murder at the victim’s flat.

“He had bought the knife from a shop before heading for the victim’s flat…police found the knife and located the shop through the barcode printed on the knife….at the shop, police saw his face on the camera,” Alkhaleej daily said.

“He slit her throat three times…he stole two mobile phones and Dh200 from the victim and fled…he showed no remorse as he just headed for a mosque and prayed,” the paper added, quoting the prosecutor.

It said Dubai’s criminal court sentenced the defendant, a jobless person, to death for premeditated murder.

Undercover police woman nabs two drug dealers

Two Arab drug dealers who targeted woman in their illegal trade were themselves targeted by a police woman.

Acting on a tip off, an undercover Abu Dhabi police woman phoned the two and said she would like to buy some of their stuff

When one dealer handed her the drugs and she gave him Dh10,000, he was arrested. The defence lawyer at court demanded acquittal for one defendant on the grounds he was given the drugs bag by his friend without knowing its contents.

Buddhist killers pardoned by Muslim victim's family

Relatives of a Muslim Sri Lankan worker murdered by his Buddhist colleague in Abu Dhabi told court they have decided to pardon the killer, prompting the judge to bring forward hearings for sentence.

An official from the Sri Lankan embassy in Abu Dhabi handed the pardon document from the victim’s relatives to court on Tuesday, the semi official Arabic language daily Alittihad said.

“They just pardoned the Buddhist killer without demanding any diya (blood money) taking into consideration that the killer’s family is poor,” it said.

It said the pardon prompted the judge to bring forward hearings to February 27 to issue a sentence after they were scheduled for June.

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