Masked 'police' thieves nabbed by real police

Two masked thieves claiming to be police men robbed three Asian workers in Dubai late night before stabbing one of them after he tried to resist.

One of the thieves managed to flee while the other was seized by police. In court he denied the charges, saying he had a broken leg as a result of a car crash and that he called the police when the theft occurred.

But the judge, during hearings on Sunday, appeared not to be convinced, telling the defendant that calling the police does not mean he was innocent.

When the judge asked the defendant why he got out of his house next to the workers’ room at the time of the theft, he simply replied :”out of curiosity.”

The victims had told police that they were sleeping inside their room in Hor Al Anz when they heard knocking at the door.

When they opened after they the two said they were detectives, the two jumped inside and threatened them with a knife. After taking their mobile phones and Dh800 from them, the two were about to run away when one of the workers grabbed them, prompting one of the thieves to stab him.

Police said they seized the suspect who lives next to them while the other thief managed to flee.

“The defendant insisted that he was not involved in the theft on the grounds he moves only on a stick because of the fracture in his leg,” the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum said, adding that hearings were adjourned to February 12.

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