Mechanic 'loves' Lebanese: Gropes her

A Lebanese woman was shocked when a Pakistani expressed his love for her and then proceeded to grope her in the building where she stays.

QAB, 32, Pakistani, mechanic, appeared before the Dubai Criminal Court on the charge of and molestation.

The victim TSQ, 26, saleswoman, testified that in September, when she returned home from work at around 11pm, a man entered the lift with her and told her: “Hi, I love you”.

“He replied positively when I cynically asked him whether he knows me. When the lift reached the third floor where I stayed, I rushed out of the lift and quickly got into my house.

“However, on September 23, at the same time I was shocked to see the accused on the third floor.  He blocked my way and say said: “Hi”.  I asked him to leave the place and allow me to pass. He shocked me by groping my left breast. I pulled away his hand but he held me by my waist and pushed me to the wall.  But I managed to escape him and rushed into my flat.

“On the next day, when I returned home, I asked a neighbour to accompany me on my way to my house as I was afraid of the man who had groped me earlier. In the reception area, I saw the accused and told my neighbour that he is the one. When he confronted him in Arabic and English,  the accused pretended not understand  what  he heard and I called the police,” she testified.

Her neighbour SM, 22, Syrian, sales executive, repeated the same testimony, saying that the accused tried to leave the building through the rear entrance when he saw him with the victim.

“I stopped him and told him what he had done. He pretended not to understand English or Arabic. Then the police was informed,” he testified.

The court will give its verdict on November 28.

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