Mechanic molests woman in building's lift

Court awards him three months jail followed by deportation

A mechanic who first expressed his love for the Lebanese girl and then molested her in the building’s lift was sentenced to three months jail by the Dubai Criminal Court on Thursday.

QAB, 32, Pakistani, was also ordered deportation after serving his jail term.

The victim TSQ, 26, saleswoman, testified that one day as she returned home from work at 11pm when an Asian entered into the lift with her and said “Hi, I love you.”

“When the lift,” she said, “reached third floor where I stay, I rushed out of the lift and quickly went into the flat. On September 23, at the same time I was shocked to see the accused on the third floor waiting for me; he blocked my way and say said ‘hi’ to me. I asked him to leave the place and ‘let me go; but pushed me to the wall and molested me. I managed to loosen his grip and ran into my flat. On the next day, when I returned home, I asked a neighbour to accompany me to my flat because I was scared of a man who molested me several times. At the reception I saw the accused and told my neighbour that he is the one… and I immediately called the police,” she testified.

The neighbour SM, 22, Syrian, sales executive, repeated the same testimony saying that the accused tried to leave the building using the rear entrance when he saw him with the victim. “I stopped him and confronted him with what he did, but he pretended as if he’s not understanding English and Arabic; so we decided to inform police,” he testified.


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