Men who promised a 'rain of dollars' held in Dubai

A gang of three men who duped people promising them dollars using witchcraft and sorcery was arrested in Dubai.

The Anti-Crimes Department of Dubai Police received information about an Asian cheating people by taking money claiming he could make millions of dollars fall from the sky in return.

Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director, CID, Dubai Police, said an undercover agent was assigned to contact the Asian suspect.

The suspect told the agent that if he gave him $1,000 he could get $19 million from the sky. Upon the agent agreeing to his condition, they decided to meet at the suspects house in Muraqabat.

The agent alerted cops and met the suspect at the designated time. There he was told that the magic was to be done by two others (Africans) - who joined them shortly thereafter. When the undercover agent handed over $1,000 the trio said they had to go into anorther room where the box into which the money would fall was kept.

At this moment the police team raided the apartment and arrested the trio.

One of them is an illegal resident.


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