Mental exam for Dubai murder attempt convict

Salesman had stabbed a sleeping room mate and co-worker several times

The Dubai Appeals Court has ordered a salesman, who had appealed his seven-year prison sentence given by the First Instance Court for attempting to murder a co-worker, to be sent to Rashid Hospital for medical assessment of his mental and psychological condition.

On January 20, NH, 39, Indian was convicted of attempt at murder as he had stabbed compatriot co-worker and roommate SO, 34, several times after he was sacked from his job. Prompt medical intervention helped save the life of the victim who sustained three per cent permanent disability.

According to the records, on October 23, 2012, the victim SO returned to the accommodation in Al Quoz area late at night and went to sleep. Later, he woke up horrified as his roommate was stabbing him with a knife on his neck, chest and back. He managed to get up and run out of the room.

“I tried to run away, I opened the door and rushed to the corridor of the accommodation. My roommate NH followed me and continued stabbing me until I fainted. I do not know what happened next. I woke up after five days in hospital,” the victim told prosecutors.

Other workers in the accommodation called the police.

“The victim was lying in a pool of blood in the accommodation’s corridor. Blood was pouring out from different parts of his body. An ambulance was rushed to the scene,” testified police officer Walid Nasser.

“I saw NH stabbing the victim and then leaving him when the latter fell unconscious,” testified a worker.

“I saw blood stains on the floor leading towards the victim’s room. I reached the room but could not get in as it was locked from inside. I knocked at the door and heard a person inside who refused to open the door.  I broke into the room and saw the accused was sitting on a bed holding a knife in his hand. After a short argument, he put down the knife and surrendered,” testified the officer.

 The accused claimed that he intended to kill the victim as he had abused him. Police found out that the accused had been dismissed from the job and that he had disputes and disagreements with the victim.

Dubai Prosecution accused NH of premeditated murder attempt. The Prosecution’s chargesheet mentioned that the accused had prepared for killing his roommate SO by buying a knife and stabbing the victim savagely in his back, neck and chest while the latter was sleeping. The victim woke up and resisted the attacker, tried to get up from the bed and run away from the room while the accused continued to stab him and chase him to the corridor, according to the Prosecution.

The accused got hold of him and stabbed him until the victim fainted. He left him only when he thought that he had died, the case’s documents said.

Medical reported that the victim had sustained a number of fatal injuries that caused a fracture in one of the neck’s vertebrae bones. Some stabs were deep into the chest cavity and caused arteries to be completely cut off. Prompt medical intervention and surgeries that lasted for six months helped save the life of the victim, medical reported.

The accused denied the charge when he first appeared before the Court last September claiming that he was ill on that day and that he did not even see the victim.

The Court of Appeal will reconvene on May 11.

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