Molesters of mentally-challenged girl jailed

Duo to be deported after serving six months jail term

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced a guard and a worker to six months in jail for molesting a 25-year-old mentally retarded girl in the toilet of the swimming pool of her house at The Palm.
JJK, 35, a Filipino guard, and ZJA, 21, a Pakistani worker, were also ordered to be deported after serving their jail terms.
According to the records, JJK and ZJA molested BB, an Indian student, whose mental and psychological age was estimated to be between 8 and 10 years, as of December 30 last year.
The victim testified that as she entered the toilet of the swimming pool and was trying to lock the door, JJK entered behind her and started kissing and ill-treating her for five minutes against her will. “He told me something that I did not understand. When I left the toilet and was heading to the basin to wash my hands, ZJA entered and did what the first one had done. When I refused to comply with his wishes, he left the place. I returned home and did not tell anyone about what had happened. A few minutes later, the security guard informed my mom,” she testified.
Her 50-year-old mother, AM, testified that at around 7.30am her daughter took her dog for a walk and came back after half an hour. “Five minutes after her return, security guard Shah Abdulkader told me that JJK had told him about ZJA molesting my daughter, so I notified the police. When the police questioned them, both accused each other. My daughter told me ZJA molested her," testified the mother.
Shah Abdulkader, 26, an Indian guard, testified that his senior James called him over to discuss a problem at the building’s swimming pool. “When I reached there, I saw JJK who told me that he saw ZJA enter the women’s toilet and then saw a weeping girl leave. She told him that ZJA had molested her,” he testified.
James Jona, 51, an Indian security guard, testified that at around 8.30am when he was on duty at Fairmont Residence building at The Palm, a guard called Abdulmalek told me that a Bangladeshi named Rana had called him and told him that he saw ZJA holding the weeping victim.
“I immediately called Shah Abdulkader and asked him to head to the place. Later I learnt that both the accused had molested the girl,” he testified.
Zainulabdin Habubrahman, 29, lifeguard, testified that while he was on duty, JJK went to him and told him that a girl had come to him and complained that  ZJA had molested her in the toilet. “I called the security officer Abdulmalek and asked him to take action,” he said.
American psychiatrist Raymond Harry testified that he estimated the mental age of the 25-year-old girl to be between 8 and 10 years. She is  mental retarded and is mentally and psychologically innocent, he added.
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