Money lending ends in rape for Filipina

Dubai court awards driver five-year jail sentence

A Pakistani driver who raped a Filipina friend has been sentenced to five years in jail, the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance ruled on Sunday.

ASD, 28, had been accused by the prosecution of raping MVD, 39, employee, and assaulting her by taking her naked pictures, was ordered deportation after serving his jail term.

MZH, 26, who is MVD’s friend, was acquitted by the court. The Prosecution had accused him of dropping her to the company and leaving the accused with her to have sex with her.

According to the records, the victim testified that she got divorce in 2010 and she has a Filipino boyfriend.

MVD said: “I needed money so I asked MZH to lend me some. MZH said that he will take me to someone who has money to lend. MZH took me to a company in Al Quoz area. ASD claimed that he is MZH’s senior and threatened that he will inform the police because I entered the company without his permission.

"I told him that I came with MZH who is my friend. He then asked me to give him my ATM card or cash or he will hurt me. ASD asked MZH to leave the office, he then raped me. I could not seek help as he was shouting at me and I was crying. Later he took me pictures with his mobile and I was trying to cover my face with cloth,” she testified.

The victim’s friend, HOR, 33, Filipina, secretary, testified that MVD called her on February 4 and was crying, telling her that MZH allowed his friend to rape her.

“I called MZH and confronted him with what he has done but he denied. I called and informed the police,” she testified.

The Prosecution noted that the two accused made contradictory stories during investigations.

ASD told the prosecution that he entered the company and saw the woman naked while his friend MZH told prosecution that he had sex with her and he can also have sex with her for money. He denied anything about lending her the money.

Whereas, MZH told prosecutors that he went with MVD to the company as his friend ASD was willing to lend her money. He left the place because ASD asked him to leave.


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