My wife was murdered by her 'close' friend: Dubai Filipino

Lorna last seen driving her Jaguar on Aug 26; Police confirm murder, arrest Filipino

A 51-year-old Filipina lady, who went missing since last Sunday, was found murdered, allegedly by her 'close' Filipino friend.

“She was found dead in her car, which was abandoned near Industrial Area Number 11 in Sharjah,” Brigadier Mohammed Nasser Al Razouki, Assistant Director, in charge of all police stations in Dubai, told Emirates 24|7.

“The Sharjah Police arrested a Filipino man on Friday and the investigation is going on,” he added.

It is reported that the police spotted the abandoned car while they were patrolling the area early yesterday morning.

Lorna Lim Varona’s husband was heartbroken, speaking to Emirates 24|7.

“Yes, she was murdered,” he told this website over the telephone, minutes after stepping out of the CID office in Dubai.

“He (the suspect) was caught on Friday and he confessed to the crime last night,” he added.

With no information of what prompted him to commit the murder, the husband said, “What can I say? He is an evil man. I don’t know why he did it?”

The suspect, he revealed, was a “close friend of the family. He was very close to my wife”.

Lorna has been living with her husband in Dubai for the last 30 years.

When she did not return home last Sunday (August 26), her family and friends sent out e-mails to all news publications in the emirate seeking any information about the missing Lorna.

“My intent is to get media coverage so as to increase the chances of her being found sooner rather than later,” e-mailed Lorna’s niece Julie Ann Lim Jacobe, who has been trying to reach the media from the US.

“Her oldest daughter, Lot Lot Varona, has flown to Dubai from the Philippines to be with her dad and sister and help out in the search for her mom,” she wrote.

Her family had even taken to Twitter to spread the word. Carlo Suzara tweeted, “RT: Missing Filipina in Dubai for over 48 hours: Lorna Lim Varona. Car's a Jaguar w/plate number B19135. Contact @MissGladysL if u have info”.

The family also posted messages on Facebook, with her picture.



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