Nakheel engineer’s ceramic crime caught

Accused of stealing ceramic tiles for his personal flat from company store

An engineer has been charged with attempting to steal ceramic tiles worth Dh7,000 for his personal benefit According to the case before the Dubai Criminal Court heard, JB, 33, a Filipino engineer employed with Nakheel is alleged to have leased a pick-up truck, hired two workers and driven to a company warehouse.

He is then said to have ordered the guard to open the store and loaded 60 boxes containing ceramic tiles of different sizes for use in his apartment.

The store in question is in the French cluster of International City.

To his bad luck, Dubai CID were passing by and stopped to ask the workers loading the truck what they were doing.

The accused, when questioned, confessed that he was loading the boxes to take them to his newly rented flat in the Al Riqqa area.

Corporal Obaid Hareb, testified that while he was with his colleague patrolling the French Cluster, he was suspicious of a pickup parked behind one of the buildings.

“The building’s watchman came and told us that the store belongs to Nakheel and that the engineer was taking ceramic tile boxes.

“The engineer said he had has verbal approval from his seniors. However, when we inquired with Nakheel, an official denied granting any such permission,” testified the officer.

The two Pakistanis were released as they were not aware that the tiles were stolen.

A Nakheel coordinator testified that company’s engineers should submit a work order to Imdad after which they can take materials from stores.

The accused failed to submit any work order and took tiles worth Dh7,000 after official working hours.

The Court will reconvene on July 29.

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