Pak friend reveals Indian's Dubai wife killing

Husband escaped to India but Pakistani friend arrested day after murder

A jobless Indian allegedly premeditatedly killed his wife with the help of his friend due to family disputes and dumped her body near a garbage bin in a farming area near Murgham area on the Dubai-Al Ain Road.

The suspect’s close friend RA, 28, Pakistani salesman, was also arrested.

A Bangladeshi cleaner reported finding the body of a woman near a garbage bin.

“While collecting garbage, I saw a black garbage sack 15 meters away from the bin. Coming closer I saw a body of a woman whose upper part was sticking out of the sack,” AF, 37, testified before the court. AF also reported the incident to the police.

Police suspected the husband AQ  who left the country on the day of the crime. RA admitted helping his friend to suffocate his wife when he went to the couple’s house on the friend’s request.

“My friend had family problems with his wife and wanted to divorce her but he did not as he has to pay her for the financial support and he couldn’t afford. He expressed his intention to kill her and I warned him not to do that. One day, he told me that he wanted  to go  home to India and that when he is ready to leave for the airport he will send me a blank SMS, then I should come and take him to the airport.

“On March 11, I received a blank SMS from him so I went to his house to take him to the airport. When  I saw him, he was in an abnormal condition. Upon enquiring, he told me he had killed his wife whose body is on the bed. I went into the bedroom and saw her. She was still breathing, so I sat on her body and suffocated her until she died,” RA told investigators.

The husband lent him Dh600 to buy an air ticket against which he gave him a gold chain.

The two wrapped the body of the victim in a carpet , put the corpse in  RA’s car and drove to Murgham area where they threw the body near a garbage bin and drove to the airport from where the husband fled the country.

The next day, police arrested RA.

Forensic reported that the victim was killed eight hours before the body was discovered.

It also reported that the victim sustained bruises and wounds on her face.

 The victim’s step father QA, 55, was informed by the police about the crime.

QA affirmed to police that there were problems between the couple.

Narrating how the couple met, he told police that she came to work in the UAE 15 months back. They met and got married. She did not like his friendship with RA and asked  her husband to cut him off.

“Seven months ago she called me and complained that my son drinks alcohol and that he had a relationship with a Filipina. I think my son and his friend committed the crime,” the step-father told investigators.

The court will reconvene on October 23.

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