Pregnant woman used sis-in-law’s health card

A woman and her sister-in-law received 2 months suspended jail terms after the former used the latter’s health card to receive medical treatment in Dubai’s Latifa Hospital.

Both the two women were also ordered to pay Dh2,000 as fine.

On January 1, 2014, LM, 28, Comoros housewife, who was in her first months of pregnancy, suffered from severe pain.

“My husband’ sister noticed me and asked me why I do not go to the hospital for a check-up.

“When I told her that I don’t have a health card nor money, she suggested that I could take her health card sticker to receive treatment. I took the sticker and posed as my sister in law and got admitted to the hospital after a doctor checked me,” she said.

LM was discovered after she was asked to go for a blood test after staying in the hospital for four nights, according to the record.

The sister in law, MM, 24 Emirati student, admitted that she had given the health card’s sticker to her brother’s wife.