Prostitute burns client to death

Law covers both citizens and expatriates. (Patrick Castillo)

A prostitute allegedly killed her drunk client by setting fire to his shirt and locking him in the room after he refused to pay her, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Monday.
The suspect, a 28-year-old Bangladeshi woman, ZA, is also accused of robbing the deceased. Police confiscated a gold chain and two phones that she stole from him.
The incident came to light on April 3, when police was alerted of the fire. Cops found the body in the burnt house.
CCTV footages show the deceased along with two men entering the apartment at about 4pm on that fateful day.
An hour later, two women wearing abayas entered the flat and the victim is seen opening the door for them.
At around 7pm the two men along with one of the women are seen leaving the house.
The victim and the suspect remained inside the house. At 10.20pm, she is seen leaving the house in a hurry closing the door, just minutes before smoke is spotted from flat.
Police identified the two men – they were friends of the deceased. They admitted that they had gone to the apartment along with the deceased and asked BD – a 45-year-old Indian – to fetch them two prostitutes. He sent ZA and RS.
According to police investigations, the two men engaged with ZA and RS while the deceased was consuming alcohol.
ZA testified that she was asked to stay back by the deceased when the two men and RS left. However, he started arguing with her because she was receiving a lot of calls, ZA testified.
She claimed that he was drunk and refused to pay her so when he fell asleep she grabbed his two phones and gold chain and left the house.
According to investigators, she also set fire to his clothes and  threw them on the sofa before leaving the flat and locking the door from outside.
Criminal evidences confirm the victim was drunk and that he died because of smoke inhalation.
The court will reconvene on July 6.

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