Prostitute tricks jobless compatriot into racket

Awarded two-and-a-half year jail followed by deportation

A 20-year-old Bangladeshi prostitute who exploited her compatriot’s need for work and forced her into prostitution was awarded two-and-a-half year jail by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

SAA, who was convicted guilty of human trafficking and practising prostitution, was also ordered deportation after serving her jail term.

The victim BAF, 30, testified that she used to work as a tailor in her home country.

“A relative offered me a maid job in Dubai for Dh2,000 per month. I gave him pictures and he arranged me a passport. After sometime he gave me the passport and the air ticket and dropped me to the airport on March 20 after agreeing to pay him 250,000 Bangladeshi taka once I got the job.

“A Bangladeshi woman received me at the airport and took me in a taxi to a flat. As we arrived at the flat she asked me to hand over my passport to her and take rest. On the next day, she told me that I will work in prostitution. But I refused and she beat me and threatened that I will would never return home. Then she brought three men to have sex with me but I refused,” she testified.

The victim said that One March 22, at around 6pm she took advantage of being alone at the flat and jumped from the kitchen’s window at the first floor, but she lost balance and fell down. A pedestrian called the police and she was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The victim was treated at the hospital for leg fracture.

Police trapped the woman and arrested her at the flat which she was sharing with the tenant. Police also found passports of Bangladeshi women, condoms, alcohol bottles and a notebook where she had kept records of the girls, testified policeman Humaid Saleh.

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