Salesman molests teen girl, resists arrest

A Bangladeshi salesman allegedly molested a teenage girl by hugging her and kissing her when she got out of her building’s lift in Al Nahda area, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

According to the records, on September 11, the accused, SMB, waited for the girl in front of the lift to molest her before running away from the scene.

The victim JAF, 13, student, testified that at around 7pm she went to call her sister who was swimming with her friends in the building’s swimming pool at Al Nahda area.

“I was waiting for the lift when the supermarket salesman came carrying stuff we had ordered. He asked me if there is anyone in the flat. I answered him that ‘my mother is in and she can take the stuff.’ He went to our flat and I got into the lift. While returning I took the lift and saw the salesman standing in front of the lift. I was walking towards our flat when he shouted ‘wait’. I stopped and turned back to see what was the problem. Then all of a sudden he rushed towards me, grabbed me and molested me saying that ‘we will be friends and have a relationship’. I told him ‘I want to go back home’ but he molested me again. Then I rushed to the flat and told my mother about the incident,” she testified.

The mother then complained to the police which questioned the mother and the girl.

Policeman Mohammed Hassan took the girl to the supermarket and asked her to identify the salesman. “I asked him to come out of the supermarket and confess his crime but SMB denied. He denied molesting and returned to the supermarket. While I was talking to the mother and the girl, he rushed out of the supermarket attempting to flee. He hit a bicycle and fell down. While putting cuffs with the help of my colleague, he strongly resisted the arrest and pushed policemen attempting to run away again,” testified the policeman.

The Court will issue its sentence on December 31.


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