Sharjah maid adds insecticide to employers’ water

Worker says she wanted to revenge against the housewife for mistreating her

A housemaid was caught adding insecticide to the water used by her Emirati employers in Khor Fakkan, in the latest attack by a domestic worker against employers for alleged maltreatment, the press reported on Thursday.

Family members were about to gulp water from the bottle when the housewife noticed it the water had a colour and the bottle contained reside.

When the woman asked her maid about the water, she appeared confused but denied adding anything. But the suspicious woman did not believe her and decided to taste it.

“She discovered the maid had added something to the water…police later arrested the maid and laboratory tests showed the water was mixed with insecticide,” the Arabic language daily Al Bayan said.

It quoted police as saying the maid told them that she had done so because she wanted to retaliate against the housewife because of mistreatment of her.

Dubai’s police chief last week urged families in the UAE to treat their domestic workers nicely and said they could be “time bombs” if they are maltreated.

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