Sister who escaped death by torture still cries in her sleep

Wadima and Mira (Picture courtesy: Emarat Al Youm)

A six-year-old Emirati girl is still lying at hospital after she was tortured by her father and her mother says she cries during her sleep because of her trauma and the death of her elder sister at he hands of her own father.

With a shaven head and burns all over her body, Mira wonders why too many people visit her at hospital, apparently unaware they are sympathizing with her.

“She cries during her sleep as she is still under shock,” said her mother, who is now seeking to regain custody of her daughter.“She keeps asking why a lot of people come to visit her, saying ‘I’m not beautiful…why they come to see me and give me gifts and presents….surely they come to take photographs of me,” her mother said.

Mira was taken to hospital after police discovered she and her eight-year-old sister, Wadima, had been systematically tortured by their father and his girl friend. Wadima died of torture and was buried by her father in an isolated desert area before her body was exhumed by police and buried by family this week.

Quoted by Emarat Al Youm on Wednesday, her mother said she was forced to give up custody of her two daughters in November in return for a divorce, adding that she married in 2002 and got a divorce in 2006.She said their grandmother was given custody of the two girls and that she handed them later to their father, who started to beat them up and torture them with the help of his girl friend under the influence of liquor and drugs.

“I can not say why we were divorced because you can not divulge everything going on at your home and I don’t want now to start insulting him (ex-husband)…but I can only say life with him was impossible,” she said.

In comments this week, her ex-husband Hamad Saudi, 27, confessed to the murder of his daughter and demanded his execution. His father also urged authorities to execute his son, saying he does not deserve mercy.


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