Swearing over the phone costs woman Dh5,000

An Emirati woman dialed another national woman and swore at her after seeing her number in her husband’s mobile phone.

While she perhaps thought such words eased her pent-up anger, she had apparently not realized they would cost her Dh5,000.

The woman on the other side appeared to be smart enough not to answer back. She simply recorded those words on her phone.

After presenting the evidence to the prosecution, the court in the western region fined the swearing woman Dh5,000. The defence lawyer struggled in vain to save his client.

Man held for selling tobacco to school boys


Ajman’s police arrested a jobless Asian man for trying to sell tobacco and other banned items to school boys in the emirate.

The man, who is staying illegally in the UAE, had approached a 14-year-old student to help him promote his products in schools in return for part of the profits, Emirat Alyoum daily.

“The boy told his father, who reported the Asian man to the police…after arresting him, police found that the man is jobless and is staying illegally in the UAE,” it said.


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